Red Oak Sales

Red Oak Sales Company has been an industry leader in the sales and engineering of synthetic fiber machinery and production since 1989. The Red Oak Sales team consists of professional engineers and machine experts that can serve clients with extrusion line equipment and specialized fiber needs. Our team has extensive experience in research and development and worldwide sales.

Red Oak Sales is a full service company that works with clients from consultation and engineering to installation of an entire production line. On-site professional and personal attention throughout a project sets us apart in the fiber industry with customer satisfaction. Our expert knowledge of fiber products and production lines gives our clients confidence that every detail of their project will be addressed and completed beyond expectations.

Red Oak Sales strives to be an industry leader taking on innovative research and development projects with unique specifications. Our services include test trials of both medium and small batch runs of new products. Our on-site lab provides the ability to fulfill research and development needs for companies that do not have space or equipment for testing.

We are dedicated to being an industry leader in innovative synthetic fiber products, as well as helping companies maintain flawless product runs.