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ROS monofilament equipment can be tailored to the highest technology specifications. Our monofilament equipment can be customized to meet the client’s needs of their product characteristics including low denier variation, high strength and desired diameter control. We offer state of the art technology for operator interface with PLC control touch screen innovation. ROS monofilament equipment is currently being used for the medical industry, brush/bristles, synthetic turf, carpet industry and specialty fibers. ROS equipment can run the following polymers including, but not limited to PET, PA, PP, HDPE, PLA, and GPLA.

• Extruders
• Resin Drying and Conveying Systems
• Additive Feeding Systems
• Die Head Systems; Single – Quad Systems
• Metering Pumps – Melt
• Spinnerettes including spinnerette design
• Water Quench Tanks
• Water Chilling Units
• Godet / Roll Stands
• Hot Air Ovens
• Finish Applicators
• Spoolers


The ROS multifilament lines offer precision machinery utilizing high performance extruders, specialty spin heads, heated godet rolls and winders. The ROS multifilament equipment is made for a variety of polymer types to offer product versatility. Our multifilament lines are compact and operator friendly with custom configuration to suit the client’s needs. Specialty Fibers such as carbon fibers, bi-components fibers and others can be produced using ROS equipment.

• Spin heads; standard and bi-component
• Polymer metering pumps
• Air entanglement devices
• Metered spin finish
• Air quench system
• High speed heated or ambient godets or duo rolls
• Specialty winder systems
• Aspirator/string-up guns

Slit Tape

ROS offers slit tape extrusion through traditional film dies (flex-lip) and custom slot dies designed to minimize edge trim waste and production costs. Slit tape products include carpet backing, woven bags, geotextiles and synthetic grass.

Specialty Winders

ROS supplies the fiber industry with application specific take-up and rewind winding systems. Systems offered:

- Precision, Random, and Spooling.
- Low tension capabilities through electronic tension control or dancer tension control.
- Individual position traverse systems or ganged traverse systems.
- Traverse control by PLC system.
- Spooling systems designed to accept DIN 100 to DIN 200 on same machine.